Monday, July 24, 2006


I wrote about a guy named Tim Madigan a few days ago. He's a writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He befriended Mr. Rogers after interviewing him some years ago. He has a book coming out next month called, "I'm Proud of You." I read the first chapter (you can too right here) and was dazzled. I can't wait to read the whole book.

So I emailed his publicist this morning. She just wrote back:

    It is a mighty small world, isn't it. I immediately recognized your name after I read the first sentence of your email. My sister (Miriam Parker) was included in a collection of essays called "2 Do Before I Die" - which I believe you were included in, as well. I was at the reading in NYC last summer where you read. And I was absolutely touched by your story. (It was one of the factors that lead me to want to work on this book when I found out it was being published at my imprint -- and I found your essay online and passed it along to the editor of the book as well).

Crazy, huh? I mean, like, really crazy!?!

"2 Do" is a great little book compiled and edited by Michael Ogden and Chris Day . I hosted the New York book release party on my roof deck last June. Mike and Chris (and Ron Lieber, who suggested I submit) were the first non-familial audience to really respond to the essay I wrote when Mr. Rogers died (which constitutes the first act of the documentary). Their interest deepened my confidence. Their inclusion of my essay (which you can read here) emboldened this project. (Plus their edit rocked.)

So it ends up Tim will be in New York promoting his book next month. He'll be doing a reading at the Barnes & Noble on Broadway and 82d, exactly halfway between my brother and my apartment. Whether we interview Tim then or not, the wheels are in motion for another solid contribution to the film.

Mighty small, crazy world indeed.

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