Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've been multi-tasking like crazy. As I write to you from my office (on my MacBook Pro), I am also typing a letter (on my Dell) to my Uncle Bill who I am hoping is our gateway to Tim Russert. The only news I have to report is that I received an email from Marc Brown yesterday. We're on, and working out an interview date. Likewise Senator Tom Harkin.

My day job is undergoing terrific upheavel (just Google "MTV" and read all the bad press). Meanwhile, my health is in shambles (I've been to four doctors in the last week), I'm training for the NYC Marathon, preparing for three rock shows, writing songs for my next album, and, of course, working on "Mister Rogers & Me." Plus, you know, things like eating, sleeping, laundry, going to the drug store...

I call FCI CEO Bill Isler roughly three times a week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays. He is out of the office (at The Fred Rogers Center) on Thursdays and Fridays. I email him weekly as well. In six months of calls, emails, and letters, we've spoken twice for a total of three minutes. I would say it's dicouraging if I didn't know that he is a busy, busy man, and that Mister Rogers is with me 110%.

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