Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost & Found, Vol. II

Sometime after my mother's first summer as Fred and Joanne Rogers' neighbor, I sent him a copy of my debut CD, "Bloom." (Very) shortly thereafter, he sent me the following note (which I found as I prepare for this week's move).The note (which you can click to enlarge) reads:

Dear Benjamin Wagner,

What a treat you've given me! Thank you for your thoughtful letter and "Bloom." You describe the music well: "earnest," "sincere." Bravo Benjamin.

We loved our visits with your Mom in Nantucket. As you know, she is a mighty special lady. It's good to be her Real neighbor some of the year! Looking forward to meeting you in ACK some day soon!

Again my thanks.

Kindest personal regards.

Fred Rogers

Well, that pretty much sealed the deal. The following summer, I spent the weekend of my 30th birthday in Madaket, met Mister Rogers, and...

And here we are.

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