Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mister Rogers, HD & Me

I don't honestly remember when Chris and I shot our first footage, but for years now, I've been stashing "Mister Rogers & Me" master tapes away in a tattered, brown box in the back of my closet.

Wednesday morning, I dragged it out, and spread the tapes across the dining room table: seventy six HDDV tapes. 4, 560 minutes of deep and simple. Three whole days. (To say nothing of the footage we licensed).

I bound the tapes in rubber bands, stacked them carefully in my messenger bag, and set off towards Times Square. I dropped the bag with Christofer, who -- just a few hours later -- had re-digitized the tapes, up-res'd the files, and sent me a link. "The HD file is up. It's a big file!"

Big, yeah. But beautiful. Have a look.

Next up? The rest of the 85-minute film.

It's gonna be a big file, yeah. But it's going to be beautiful.


Elizabeth Harper said...

How absolutely lovely and inspiring Benjamin!

I can't wait to see more. Well done!

greg said...

Looking' good, Ben! Good editing job. Thanks for your work!

Clayton C said...

I have met famous people in my life but the only one I ever truly wanted to meet was Mr. Rogers. I have seen about every show that there is about his life, his influence and I look forward to watching this as well. Certain Values, A strong faith and a loving family- proof of the depths of simplicity-

[s] said...

Love love love love love. Can't wait to see it!