Monday, August 31, 2009

(Some Of) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Saved

A tiny bit of sunshine snuck into my otherwise shadowy office this afternoon when my pal, Save Mister Rogers' Neighborhood founder Brian Linder sent me a quick email: "Good news for children in the virtual neighborhood!"

Last year, PBS curtailed its daily delivery of the show. Last month, they limited distribution to 26 "favorite episodes."

Today, the network formally announced Mister Rogers' foray into cyberspace.

A new neighborhood awaits preschoolers and fans of all ages at with the redesigned Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Web site, full of new activities, video clips and memorabilia. In addition, 26 favorite episodes will be part of the national PBS KIDS Saturday morning broadcast lineup beginning September 12 (check local listings) and will be available to stream online later this fall at for fans to enjoy whenever they want.

"Fred Rogers paved the way for children’s media more than 40 years ago, and we are proud to continue to work with Family Communications to ensure his legacy evolves alongside new developments in media and technology," said Sara DeWitt, Senior Director, PBS KIDS Interactive. " continues to increase in traffic, with an average of 9 million unique visitors a month. It’s clear that kids love our games, and that parents and educators view our content online as a trusted and fun learning experience."

"At Family Communications, we continue to hear from adults about what MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD has meant in their lives,” said Kevin Morrison, Chief Operating Officer, Family Communications, Inc. “The core values of the series — kindness, civility, reassurance and inspiration — have helped many strive towards being the best they can be. We are excited to continue to infuse Fred Rogers’ values in new platforms with new generations of children."

Only 960 or so episodes to go!

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H.O. Blues said...

This is good news, here's to the rest of the eps showing up on the web and television. I especially the operas!