Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Consideration Of "Mister Rogers & Me"

Listen, there's not gonna' be a ton of news here, just a fair dose of enthusiasm.

We hit the Sundance Film Festival deadline! We're "In Consideration!!!"

But it gets better. Closer inspection of the submission FAQ indicates that, in fact, we can submit a revision! What does that mean? That means that we can spend the next two weeks dialing in our edit and even, if we're lucky, add in our Susan Linn interview.

And here's the beautiful thing about it all: serendipity. See, when we started fundraising a few weeks ago, we thought we'd missed the Sundance deadline. Ends up (as you've since gathered), we still had a shot at the late deadline. What's more, we'll have an unprecedented two straight weeks of fresh edits under our belt.

Now, to be fair, Sundance is a long, long, long shot. In 2008, 1,573 documentaries were submitted. Forty-one were selected. It's the gold standard for film festivals.

Still, for a guy who purchased a DVD player way back in 2000 just so I could learn from film's director's commentaries, and first attended Sundance 2006 with the specific intention of learning all I could from the place, well, it's exciting enough to be "In Consideration."


atleast said...

This is wonderful news! I'm so excited about your film. Happy editing. - Elyse

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, man. Nice work.

MJ said...

You're so going to get in!! I just know it. The stars are aligned, the head and heart of your message is solid and your passion will break through tedious hoop jumping.

I've been traveling and just happily received your email. Will write back soon.

Much peace to you, Benjamin for continuing on the peace path.