Thursday, January 10, 2008

Found vs. Post Secret: The Future Tenant Podcast

The cold and rainy November day that Chris and I spent with Davy Rothbart felt was nearly endless.

We left New York City at 8:00, made it to Pittsburgh around 4:00, and then met Davy at Future Tenant, a student-run creative space downtown, around 6:00.

We helped Davy, his sidekick Andym, brother Peter and a gaggle of Future Tenant volunteers set up folding chairs in the narrow, drafty gallery, that sat through (in my case) and shot (in Chris') two Found vs. Post Secret performances.

Afterwards, Chris and I helped volunteers clean up as Davy entertained fans, and then conducted an interview with Future Tenant producer, Adam Murray.

It wasn't until somewhere around three o'clock in the morning that we set up lights in our hotel room, and began interviewing Davy for a fairly breif, oddly erratic conversation. (One, Chris assures me, he can cut into a cohesive narrative.)

Anyway, Adam recently sent me the link to his Future Tenant Podcast featuring Davy, plus a cameo from your truly. Enjoy.

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