Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Procrastination Street

I'm scripting Davy Rothbart's segment right now, and had a good laugh when I began screening.

For starters, have a look at the shot. Between the furniture pattern and drapes, it could very well be 1977. It's not. It's November 18th, 2007 in room 1607 of the Renaissance Hotel Pittsburgh. Oh, and it's totally, like, three o'clock in the morning.

Also, have a look at Davy's outfit. Imagine him in contrast to, say, Tim Russert.

Love it.

Finally, something you won't see in the shot: just after we clipped our lav mics onto out lapels (or, in Davy's case, gold chains), we toasted one another (and Chris!) with a few Iron City Beers.


Can you tell that I don't want to be transcribing right now?

Oh, one last thing: I totally had hair in the Bo Lozoff shoot. Dunno how we're gonna' account for that in the finished film!


Martine McBubbles said...

Perhaps gaps in time and the inherent invitation towards reflection over time with the deep and simple concept will make hair and absent-hair like shots remind and include the audience on the journey you've been on. I've just read Mary Catherine Bateson's essay on composing a life story and the myth of a life with continuity. The discontinuous story with winding and illuminated moments and shocks is far more realistic yet culturally less acceptable to own.

Up writing about conflict transformation and instead I'm reading your blog.

Peace cheers,

wanders said...

I'm so thrilled to find your blog and to learn of your incredible project. Thank you for doing something so meaningful. Mr. Rogers became my hero when I attempted to parody him as a high school senior in 1982. While our little show was a huge success, I was transformed by the experience of "walking in his sneakers." It forever changed how I have tried to treat others. I've never lived up to my hero's standard, but I'm a better man for making the attempt.