Monday, January 14, 2008

Mrs. Rogers & Me

I emailed Mrs. Rogers today to be sure I had my facts straight about The Crooked House.

She wrote back almost immediately:

Fred's parents gave us The Crooked House and surrounding land back in about 1961, and I believe the entire purchase was about $10,000... What well-spent money! There have been many happy times there, and continue to be as our sons and their families keep it well-occupied all summer!

I have retired from Nantucket, but am so glad our boys are able to make good use of it. Hope this info helps get the work done.

Good luck!

Joanne Rogers

Thus far, Family Communications wishes not to participate directly in our film. The quality, enthusiasm and almost-palpable joy behind this exchange only makes their decision more painful.

Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to hear from her.

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