Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Coming Soon: Trailer Two

Life really does happen in fits and starts, doesn't it? It often feels like Chris and I are crawling along with this project, and then all of a sudden we take a few big steps forwards.

I just screaned (and sent notes) on the first pass at our second trailer. And it looks fantastic. It looks like an actual documentary film.

Chris has a colleague at Sony, Paul Rachman, who's shot and edited a few docs, including the recent Slamdance premiere, "American Hardcore". Paul's given us a few tips, namely to a) hit the September Sundance deadline and b) show as little footage as possible prior to the premiere. Both have been guiding tenants.

But I still have some selling to do. Specifically, I need to get more than Mrs. Rogers' verbal blessing. I need to get Mr. Rogers' foundation, Family Communications', written approval. And as you'll recall, getting them -- specifically, FCI President Bill Isler -- on the phone (excepting Fred's former assistant, Elain Lynch, who is always quick with a conversation), is no easy task. (After a few months repite, I commenced my phone campaign yesterday.)

So I wanted to give them (and, by extension, you) something to demonstrate our progress (not to mention the reverence and committment with which we're approaching the project). And while I can't show youo that something quite yet, I can tell you that it features appearences from Tim Russert, Susan Stamberg, Marc Brown and Linda Ellerbee intercut with beautiful footage of Nantucket (much of which I'd never seen, as Chris spent an afternoon last summer shooting on his own). The tone is great, the commentary warm and insightful, and the conclusion... well, stay tuned.

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PeconicPuffin said...

"It looks like an actual documentary film." Yes, it's going to continue to. It is! It's helpful if one of you can stay out of the edit room enough to be able to see The Documentary as opposed to Each And Every Decision when you review it.

Continued congratulations, and best luck...