Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let Go

I'm not quite sure what drove home the realization.

Maybe it's the radio silence from Mr. Moyers camp, even after four, well-worded interview requests.

Or maybe it was the fifth, in which I offered to fly to Texas (despite the fact the he lives two blocks away).

Or maybe it was the conversation with my friends, Kristan and Jeff, in which Kristan said, "Has it occurred to you that maybe Bill Moyers and Fred Rogers had some sort of beef? I mean, why else would a guy who's that articulate and that verbose say, 'I'm not sure I have anything to say'?"

Either way, I realize that it's time I let go of Bill Moyers.

True, both he and Mister Rogers were present at the creation of PBS.

True, both he and Mister Rogers have been strong advocates for building community, fostering dialogue, and casting a weary eye towards materialism.

And true, both play the part of what Joseph Campbell characterized in, "The Hero With A Thousand Faces," the "wise old man" to whom I look for guidance on this epic journey.

At a certain point, though, my pursuit of him feels a like a bit much. He is an inspiration, a gifted, articulate, intelligent journalist and orator. But maybe, for reasons that may only become apparent later, or perhaps never at all, maybe Bill Moyers is not part of this journey. Maybe, as Kristan suggested, the answers to my questions are closer to home.

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Mike said...

Alternate plan: Retitle the documentary "Bill and Me" or "Waiting for Moyers".