Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Optimism Of The Will, Part II

Because, apparently, I am a masochist, I've taken one final pass at a guy who was present at the creation of PBS, who I find hugely inspiring on the subject of depth and simplicty, and who I find it difficult to image our film without.

    Dear Mr. Moyers:

    It was a pleasure to meet you following Thursday night's "Media and Democracy" panel. The discussion resonated soundly with that which we're exploring in "Mister Rogers & Me." Your exploration of media consolidation, consumer disenfranchisement, and the vagaries of post September 11 censorship, was completely salient to my personal (and celluloid) examination of depth and simplicity.

    Your quotation of Antonio Gramsci's "optimism of the will," though, spoke most profoundly to me. The further I have followed the path Mister Rogers suggested I walk ("Spread the message," he said), the more difficult I have found my MTV News day job, and the more desperate I have become to contribute to a deeper, simpler world. This doc is my best stab at doing so. Still, as you entertained that long line of Q&A, I wanted to ask you was, "What do I do!?! How do I affect change?"

    I respect and appreciate that, as you restated Thursday night, you're not sure what you have to say for our documentary. I wonder, then, if you would consider entertaining that one question -- Given the vast influencing factors to the contrary, how can one person affect change towards a deeper, simpler, more meaningful world? -- On camera in the next 3-4 months (after your massive April deadline!). With your blessing, and your staff's coordination, I can simply cover your next event or lecture, and inquire briefly afterwards. It would be, for our modest, soulful film, the penultimate insight.

    As you've gathered from my tenacious pursuit of your mentorship, Mr. Moyers, I have a fire in my belly for this. No one I know of can speak to it more eloquently, or with more authority, than you. And so, when you said Thursday night to "stay with it, and never give up hope," well, I'm sticking with it, and holding onto hope...

    Your kindred spirit,



ME said...

I fear that you feel that your own personal insight is not enough for your project, and that the "catch" would lend more credibility to your project. Your project is on a path, and - as one person's insight - makes a beautiful story. You should take more stock in your ability to tell THIS story, and use that magic as your catch. Anyway, just an opinion. Soldier on, I can't wait to see the results, Steph

Benjamin said...

I appreciate you input. And I'm sure my insight is/will be outstanding. But me talking for two hours doesn't make for much of a documentary. :)